Attitudinal Change and Organizational Culture

ABCD PLC (African Based Consultants for Development) is a leading provider of comprehensive training services dedicated to helping organizations foster a positive and thriving organizational culture. GM Furniture S.C., a prominent player in the furniture industry, gratefully acknowledges the outstanding training services delivered by ABCD PLC.

Understanding the pivotal role of organizational culture, GM Furniture S.C. engaged ABCD PLC to conduct a transformative four-half-day training program on “Attitudinal Change and Organizational Culture” for 25 Supervisors. The training sessions took place on February 4-5 and 11-12, 2017.

The final evaluation results demonstrated the participants’ high level of contentment and their commitment to embracing attitudinal change, as well as cultivating a positive organizational culture within GM Furniture S.C.

Attitudinal Change and Organizational Culture


GM Furniture S.C.

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