International Purchasing and Salesmanship Skills Training

ABCD PLC (African Based Consultants for Development) is a leading provider of comprehensive training services aimed at enhancing logistics expertise and empowering organizations to excel in the field of international logistics and freight forwarding. ZePlash Trading PLC, an esteemed international logistics and freight forwarding company, is pleased to acknowledge the exceptional training services provided by ABCD PLC.

 ZePlash Trading PLC recognizes the importance of continuous learning and development for its staff. In line with our commitment to business expansion and meeting the rapidly growing demands of the industry, we engaged ABCD PLC to deliver comprehensive training programs to our team.

Salesmanship Skills (March 30 to 31, 2017)

With their deep understanding of industry standards, ABCD PLC conducted a thorough study to classify and grade our job positions. They ensured a fair and transparent salary scale, helping us attract and retain top talent.

International Purchasing and Salesmanship Skills Training


ZePlash Trading PLC

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