Customer Service Training

TADKOB PLC has chosen African Based Consultants for Development [ABCD] PLC as their training facilitator. ABCD PLC has been nominated to conduct a two-day training program on “Customer Service,” with Ato Hailu Alemu assigned as the facilitator. The training provided by ABCD PLC has exceeded expectations, maintaining high standards and a professional approach throughout.

ABCD PLC has impressed TADKOB PLC with their use of high-quality training tools, equipment, and materials. The training sessions were delivered with an effective methodology, ensuring the participants received valuable insights and practical knowledge in customer service.

By partnering with ABCD PLC, TADKOB PLC demonstrates its commitment to investing in the skills and professional development of its employees. The training delivered by ABCD PLC will enable TADKOB PLC’s sales team to provide exceptional customer service and adapt to modern techniques in their roles.

Customer Service Training



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